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 Supplier Information:
 Supplier 2G Products, FZC Fire certified valves

Solenoid Operated Deluge Valve Model 134-05, UL/ULC Listed, Globe Pattern, Fast acting solenoid control, Reliable drip tight shut-off, Simple design, Proven reliable, Easy installation & maintenance. This valve is an on-off control valve which either opens or closes upon receiving an electrical signal to the solenoid pilot control. The valve consists of a 100G UL listed hytrol main valve, a three-way solenoid valve and an auxiliary pilot valve. This pilot system alternatively applies pressure to/or relieves pressure from the diaphragm chamber of the main valve. It is furnished either normally open (de-energize solenoid to open) or normally closed (energize solenoid to open) STANDARD MATERIALS: Body & cover: Ductile iron ASTM A-536, Trim: Bronze ASTM B61, Pilot control valve: Cast Bronze with monel trim and SS-316 tubing & fittings END DETAILS: Ductile iron ANSI B16.42 flanged, PRESSURE RATINGS: 150 class 175 psi max. OR 300 class 400 psi max., TEMPERATURE RANGE: Water to 180 deg F max.

Fire certified valves: Solenoid Deluge Valve, UL/ULC Listed

Size - Approval Shipping Weight Product # Price
   DN 080 - 3" - UL
32 kg
  QUOTE    Qty:
   DN 100 - 4" - UL
64 kg
  QUOTE    Qty:
   DN 150 - " - UL
129 kg
  QUOTE    Qty:
   DN 200 - 8" - UL
227 kg
  QUOTE    Qty:
   DN 250 -10" - UL
354 kg
  QUOTE    Qty:
   DN 300 - 12"
528 kg
  QUOTE    Qty:
   DN 350 - 14"
726 kg
  QUOTE    Qty:
   DN 400 - 16"
1027 kg
  QUOTE    Qty:
   DN 600 - 24"
2812 kg
  QUOTE    Qty:
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