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 Supplier Information:
 Supplier 2G Products, FZC Fire certified valves

Fire Protection Pressure Reducing Valve Model 90G-21, UL/ULC Listed & MEA Approved, Globe Pattern, Proven reliable design, Accurate pressure control, In line service. This valve automatically reduces a higher inlet pressure to a steady lower outlet pressure regardless of changing flow rate and/or varying inlet pressure. The valve pilot control system is very sensitive to slight downstream pressure fluctuations, and will automatically open or close to maintain the desired pressure setting. The downstream pressure can be set over wide range by turning the adjustment screw on the CRD pilot control. The adjustment screw is protected by a screw-on cover, which can be sealed to discourage tampering. These valves are indispensable in any fire protection system. The diaphragm actuated design is proven highly reliable and easy to maintain. They can be supplied with optional internal and external epoxy coating of the main valve wetted surfaces as epoxy coating is strongly recommended for all fire system valves (excluding bronze valves). STANDARD MATERIALS: Body & cover: Ductile iron ASTM A536 UL/ULC, Internal trim: Bronze ASTM B61, Pilot control valve: Bronze ASTM B62 with stainless steel 303 internal trim, Diaphragm & disc: Buna-N synthetic rubber, Copper tubing with Brass fittings. Other materials are available upon request

Fire certified valves: Pressure Reducing Valves, UL/ULC, MEA Approved

Size - Approval Flow - Pressure Product # Price
   DN 040 - 1 1/2" - UL/ULC/MEA
160 GPM - 175 or 300 psi
  QUOTE    Qty:
   DN 050 - 2" - UL/ULC/MEA
262 GPM - 175 or 300 psi
  QUOTE    Qty:
   DN 065 - 2 1/2" - UL/ULC/MEA
373 GPM - 175 or 300 psi
  QUOTE    Qty:
   DN 080 - 3" - UL/ULC/MEA
576 GPM - 175 or 300 psi
  QUOTE    Qty:
   DN 100 - 4" - UL/ULC/MEA
992 GPM - 175 or 300 psi
  QUOTE    Qty:
   DN 150 - 6" - UL/ULC/MEA
2251 GPM - 175 or 300 psi
  QUOTE    Qty:
   DN 200 - 8" - UL/ULC/MEA
3900 GPM - 175 or 300 psi
  QUOTE    Qty:
   DN 250 - 10" - UL/ULC/MEA
6150 GPM - 175 or 300 psi
  QUOTE    Qty:
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