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 Supplier Information:
 Supplier 2G Products, FZC Fire certified valves

Deluge Valve Model 100G, UL/ULC Listed, Globe Pattern, Proven Reliable Design. This valve is designed for use in controlling water flow to deluge, pre-action or foam-water type fire protection sprinkler systems. The valve is U.L. listed in "Special Systems Water Control Valves Class I (VLFT)". The valve is hydraulically-operated, diaphragm-actuated. It consists of three major components: The body, the cover, and the diaphragm assembly. The only moving part is the diaphragm assembly. Pack less construction and simplicity of design assures long service life and dependable low maintenance for this valve. All ferrous parts are fusion epoxy coated internally and externally for added corrosion resistance, along with a delrin sleeve stem and Teflon coated removable seat. STANDARD MATERIALS: Body & Cover: Ductile iron ASTM A-536 UL (internally & Externally Epoxy Coated), Trim: Bronze ASTM B61, Diaphragm & Disc: Buna-N synthetic rubber. Other optional materials are available upon request. END DETAILS: Ductile iron 150 ANSI B16.42 flanged, Pressure rating: 150 class, 175 psi maximum OR 300 class, 400 psi maximum, Temperature range: Water to 180 F max.

Fire certified valves: Deluge Valve, UL/ULC Listed

Size - Approval Shipping Weight Product # Price
   DN 080 - 3" - UL/ULC
32 kg
  QUOTE    Qty:
   DN 100 - 4" - UL/ULC
64 kg
  QUOTE    Qty:
   DN 150 - " - UL/ULC
129 kg
  QUOTE    Qty:
   DN 200 - 8" - UL/ULC
227 kg
  QUOTE    Qty:
   DN 250 -10" - UL/ULC
354 kg
  QUOTE    Qty:
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