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3-Way Globe Control Valve    
3-Way Globe Control Valves are designed for mixing two fluid lines or diverting a line to two outlets. Valves are designed to handle clean, dirty, vis...
Angle Valve    
Angle design valves feature a streamlined interior flow passage to prevent accumulation of media on the body wall. Angle valves are ideal for applicat...
Cage Guided Globe Control Valve    
Cage Guided valves are a versatile line of globe valves designed for control and throttling service of high pressure steam, gases and clean liquids. M...
Top & Bottom Guided Globe Control Valve    
Top & Bottom Guided Globe Control valves offer both very high capacity balanced plugs and high frangibility. Designed for medium and high pressure use...
Top Guided Globe Control Valve    
Top Guided Globe Control valves offers economical high-accuracy control. it is designed to handle clean, dirty, viscous and corrosive liquids, steam, ...

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